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                    Under the fauna section, we're gonna post mostly about.... BUTTERFLIES.... =~)
 Our school SMK Dato' Onn is quite special as we have our own mini butterfly farm in the school compound. This project began somewhere in the middle of last year when some students started to wonder why so many butterflies were "visiting" the school... So, we did some research and decided that we should start a farm of our own to breed butterflies. We approached Penang Butterfly Farm who agreed to help us on the project. They taught us the skills, steps and precautions to take when it come to handling butterflies.
 The Penang Butterfly Farm's officials came to our school to set up the farm. This project was a mutual benefit project because it not only benefits our school but also we are helping The Butterfly Farm to extend its   "Bring Back The Endangered Yellowbird wings" project.  Another objective of this project is the promote the cultivation of appropriate plants to breed other butterfly species. We bred few common species of butterflies during the soft- opening of our farm. Then officially Penang Butterfly Farm released about 100 adult butterflies species in our farm.
 We will always update our blog to tell all you bloggers out there whats going on with our butterflies. In future posts, you will get to know some of the species of butterflies that are found in the farm.
 Till then here is a link to the article on the star newspaper about our little project: 

 See ya!

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